What are lighted keys? 

First of all, let’s explain what lighted keys are. Put simply, it’s where the keys light up red to show what notes are being used when listening to a song. Not only do you get to hear the melody, but you also ‘see’ what keys are being played to produce it.

What’s the benefit of a keyboard with lighted keys?

You’ll be able to start playing immediately without any prior musical knowledge required. Just pick a song, press the Start button and the lights show you what to play! There are lots of traditional songs included, so you won’t be stuck for something to play once you’ve unboxed your new keyboard.

But following lights is just cheating, right? Can I really learn to play properly like that?

This is where the clever design of Casio’s lesson system comes in. Lighted keys do make things really easy, but they’re just one part of a larger group of teaching functions that are built into a lighted keys keyboard. Together, these ensure that you are learning properly.  

For example, once you’ve chosen a song you can:

  • Slow down the tempo, so that you can play more carefully.

  • Concentrate on one hand at a time.

  • Repeat small sections at a time. Practice makes perfect. 

  • Make the keyboard wait for you to find the right notes before continuing, so you know you are playing correctly. 

  • Listen to the spoken fingering directions that help you place the correct finger on each note. This is important, as it means you’ll develop a proper playing technique that can be used on any other piano or keyboard. You’re playing for real!

The LCD screen on LK keyboards teaches music reading too.


But if I want to learn properly, shouldn’t I be reading music too?

If you want to read music, Casio’s LK series can do more for you than conventional keyboards.

The LCD display shows every key being played as musical notation, which makes it really easy to compare what note you’re playing with what’s printed in your music book, so you don’t get lost or confused.

But Lighted Key keyboards can only teach me songs, right?

Not so. Casio’s LK series keyboards have all the same features as our regular keyboards. This includes over a 100 exciting automatic accompaniment styles and tones that can be used to play any piece of music you choose, in any style. 

Can I turn the lights off?

Yes, if you want to play your own music rather than learn a song it is possible to turn off the lighted keys so that your LK keyboard acts in the same way as a conventional keyboard.  


Chris Stanbury, a UK piano teacher and music examiner says:

“Above all, lighted keys provide a fun and accessible route into music. If you’re wondering whether to choose a lighted keys keyboard or a conventional keyboard, remember this: Ultimately, you’ll only stick with something if it’s fun, and lighted keys are definitely that! I have some advanced students that remember getting hooked on playing the piano thanks to their first Casio keyboard. In my view, anything that gets you interested in playing is no bad thing. Who knows where it will take you?”