As the Founder & CEO of SoundSkool (established 2008) it feels like I have lots of opinions and relevant experiences surrounding music education that I would like to share.  These opinions are very personal to me and also to SoundSkool’s MD Connie Abbe who has been working alongside me from the beginning!

SoundSkool Music Industry College and Community is here to change young musician’s experience of education. Through our authentic holistic approach we provide a safe nurturing professional environment for students to thrive and succeed at something they love doing.  All of our music courses are FREE and full time for 16-19 year olds and students can study either Music Production or Music Performance at Level 2 or 3.  Students that did not achieve grade 4 or above in either maths and/or English are also able to complete these GCSEs or Functional Skills alongside their music qualifications.  


Our college courses provide a unique insight into the music industry and students currently study from two separate sites as we are official partners with WAC Arts College and the Roundhouse in London. Students have a rich music programme including; music industry masterclasses, 60 hours of music industry work experience, musicianship lessons, industry trips, music showcases and auditions with key music industry professionals.

My own route to helping ‘change young people’s lives through music…’ (SoundSkool’s mission) was born from my own personal experiences at school and college, and growing up on one of London’s notorious council estates in North West London as a young DJ/producer.  The journey for me is definitely a spiritual one and one that I will continue to fight for and champion until we establish and succeed in getting young musicians all that they deserve and need.

Unfortunately, as you will be reading in the news, funding nationwide has been cut cut cut, which obviously, as you can imagine, has a huge effect on what we at SoundSkool are able to provide without sufficient funding.  The issue of underfunding therefore means that this responsibility of educating and supporting the next generation of UK Music Artists/Producers/Musicians/Professionals falls on our own, personal, shoulders.  Our amazing team of dedicated staff all work at SoundSkool because of all the reasons above and together we create miracles, we literally do change young people’s lives through music!


In my own personal opinion around 35% of all young people from the UK just do not fit into the educational systems (square peg-round hole) and I personally am here to provide an alternative route through education into the music industry.  Typically, but not exclusively, our talented students come from BAME backgrounds, low income families and have not had positive experiences at school/college and often, sadly, at home.

Through years of working directly with young people the common threads that we face daily are issues ranging from; mental health, family problems, money troubles, relationships, trauma and gang/knife fear.

As I have mentioned the lack of funding has also massively impacted our ability to deliver the pastoral side of education, which would have allowed us to support further in these areas, enabling us to fund this hugely needed additional layer of support, that is under threat but that we continue to provide, in order for students to engage and achieve at college.

So moving on to what is happening next - We are all really excited to have just completed filming with Casio Music UK for their 40th Birthday which will be aired on London Live TV at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th of October 2019.  You will see myself on the documentary and more importantly two of our amazingly talented Alumni students Luena and Gabriella. I hope you enjoy!


Finally another huge huge thanks to Casio Music UK who have actually provided SoundSkool with 10 of their brand new Casio Keyboards for our students and I am really looking forward to our new plans together for 2020. WATCH THIS SPACE!