For use at home or at work: the environmentally friendly MS88ECO desk calculator helps protect our environment. It comes equipped with a casing made from recycled plastic and is powered by eco-friendly solar energy combined with a mercury-free battery. The features include a large 8 digit display plus currency converter and Tax calculations.

  • Functions and Features
  • Currency Conversions (Three Conversion Memories)
  • Tax Calculations
  • Correction Key (Back Space)
  • Key rollover
  • Function Command Signs
  • Sign change key
  • Rubber Feet
  • Constants
  • 3 digit comma marker
  • 3 key memory
  • Non-stick plastic keys
  • Square root
  • Double + Key
  • Ergonomically Shaped Keys
  • Key Rollover
  • Mark Up
  • Memory stored after switch off

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