Casio brings photography into the 21st Century

June 20, 2013

Casio brings photography into the 21st Century

London, 19 June, 2013 – Tom Oxley, renowned music photographer, presented the final night of his newest exhibition Face to Face: The Moving Portrait, at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 17th June with the help of Casio Projectors and Aurora Multimedia. The concept of the exhibition was to bring a single photographic frame to life for the 21st century, by creating a new visual platform through photography and video.

Using six Casio XJ-M145 projectors, some of today’s most influential musicians were projected via portrait video onto the Royal Albert Hall’s gallery walls overlooking the main auditorium - a fitting venue since so many great artists have played there the past.

Presenting the video portraits was a task assigned to Jo-Ann Thorn at Aurora Multimedia, a partner of Casio’s who recommended the LED projectors to Tom: “We’d been using Casio’s Laser LED Hybrid projectors since their launch, both for events and installation and I was aware of their capability to be used in portrait format. Tom wanted the videos to be as large as possible with the brightness, contrast and image height all being key to the success of the exhibition. For this reason we felt the Casio XJ-M145 projector was the ideal choice. The portraits also had to loop continuously which was achieved by connecting each projector via HDMI to a 1080p solid state media player. As there was no option to have a control area, this allowed each screen to be stand-alone and to be set up and looped very easily by remote control.”

“The idea of the moving image is not new but Tom was able to create an inclusive experience for the viewer,” said Gemma Platt, Product Marketing Manager at Casio UK. “We are extremely happy to have been involved in this project to, not only demonstrate the projectors versatility but also to support Tom’s creative vision.”

“The image quality was absolutely amazing,” said Oxley “I needed the projectors to be turned at 90° to display the frames in their full entirety. Casio and Aurora were able to provide me with everything I needed visually and if I had the choice I would chose Casio projectors again and again.”