General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the trade in payment of used projectors

1. Contract

1.    The claimant (end user / reseller) needs to make any device being traded in available for free collection. Casio Pro Recycle will make contact with the (end user / reseller) to arrange this.

2.    The device must be courier ready using appropriate packaging. Information on this will be included in the email Casio Pro Recycle will send to the (end user / reseller) to confirm the trade in.

3.    Casio Pro Recycle will confirm to the claimant via Email that the device has been received and checked. 


2. Terms of Payment

1.    Payment of cashback in return for the traded in goods will take place 7 days after the goods have been received.  Processing times of banks and postal services are not included in this time scale and are not the responsibility of Casio Pro Recycle

2.    Payments will be made exclusively via Bank Transfers to accounts or Check. Other payment methods are not possible.

3.    It is the claimant’s responsibility to make sure that the payment data given by him / her is correct.  Casio Pro Recycle will not take any responsibility for delays resulting from erroneous payment data.

4. All models are entitled to £15 cashback per unit when traded-in. 


3. Property

1.    By making a claim to trade in the used device the claimant confirms to be the rightful owner of the device to be exchanged or that he / she is entitled to transfer ownership to Casio Pro Recycle or that the trade in and transfer of ownership take place with the knowledge and consent of the owner. Casio Pro Recycle will not be held liable in the event that the claimant does not have the aforementioned responsibility.

2.    The claimant confirms that there are no third-party rights that are opposed to the trade in or transfer of property.

3.    The claimant will indemnify Casio Pro Recycle against all claims of third parties with respect to rights they might have regarding the device.