Pub Report

A new report has revealed that British pubs are failing to keep up with the needs and demands made by the young, digitally-savvy population now dubbed ‘Generation Y’, putting them at risk of alienating this crucial target market and harming their long term survival hopes.

A study of 2,000 UK consumers has shown that 16-24 year olds, who have grown up with technology as part and parcel of everyday life, have placed the internet at the heart of their social lives. For this age group, gone are the days when you met your future husband or wife in the pub, now the web has overtaken as number one dating venue; nearly one in five (19%) have met a future partner this way in the past year.

Consequently, the 'Pub of the Future' report by Casio’s Business Solutions Division shows that ‘Generation Y’ is looking for pubs that embrace these digital trends. Their requirements differ from other areas of the population. For example, they are 67% more likely than average to choose a pub offering Wi-Fi services, and 70% more likely to select a pub that offers individual discounts and offers tailored to them.


"Each SMS campaign costs under £4, and results in a £174 increase in sales."

  • David Blair
  • The Famous King George Pub

"We have heard of pubs using the Casio EPoS system achieving a 30% offer uptake per SMS shot and we too look forward to reaping these rewards."

  • Ian Forrest
  • The Royal Oak