Refurbished Lancashire pub, The Royal Oak, achieves new outlook on business management using Casio’s EPoS system:

October 25, 2012


Consistently listed as “Excellent” on popular UK review site, Trip Advisor, the revamped Royal Oak in Aughton is making waves in the Ormskirk locality, providing locals with great food in a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Part of the Punch Taverns pub chain, The Royal Oak is now managed by experienced publican, Ian Forrest, who since the refurbishment, has seen a dramatic increase in food and drink consumption:-

“Completion of the massive refurbishment was a definite turning point in the pub’s history, giving an entirely new facelift, from decor and atmosphere to a fresh new menu backed with outstanding customer service provided by our staff. This enhanced customer experience also extended to the till and accounting system for the back office, making my management tasks easier and more accurate every day.”

The Situation

As the preferred EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) supplier to Pub Taverns estate, Casio were drafted-in to replace the pub’s former standalone cash registers with two Casio  QT-6600 EPoS systems for the bar and restaurant areas. Over the past 20 years, Casio has developed a reputation for first class design of systems to the pub and the hospitality industry, extending the functionality of EPoS to include all aspects of pub management, from accounts to generating new customers. Hence both QT-6600’s were also supplied with the Casio Business Management Software (CBMS) system to help further increase sales, marketing and accountability at the pub.

Installation coincided with the grand re-opening in July and with so many new areas for staff to consider, Ian was pleased to note that the staff was able to easily embrace the terminals 15” TFT colour designed touch screen with minimal training.

Ian explains “Intuitive user touch is a key advantage, meaning that even staff who only work odd shifts can readily use the ordering system. It has one of the largest colour touch screens on the market and allows us to quickly uplift visual images of new menu items, so that in really busy times, we have been able to cut down queuing times.” 

Housed within solid cabinets, the pub’s two QT-6600’s are often mistaken for high-end PC based/EPoS terminals. As it materialises, they offer The Royal Oak much of the high-end functionality but without the price tag.  The Casio EPoS solution came ready equipped with 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports; Internet connection for remote connection and 6 serial ports, providing Ian with the ability to send data directly to Punch Head Office at the touch of a button.

Sales are monitored by the built-in FTP functionality that automates regular reports via time and date. From a customer experience, the outward facing customer display is crystal clear, even in dimly lit evening conditions and the QT-6600 can create individual and group order ‘tab’ receipts and collective table bills.

It wasn’t just the EPoS functionality that impressed Ian. There is also a wealth of additional software that the team have deployed. Sitting behind both Casio QT-6600 systems is the Casio Business Management Solution software (CBMS), primarily designed to optimise staff productivity together with effective management reporting and stock control.

Using the software, Ian can now drill down per register, per staff member and even per timeslot, so he can best match productivity, demand and stock:-

Ian explains further “The ability to drill down has undoubtedly given much greater control, demonstrated by the increased ability to manage our menu, dish by dish. We can tell, for instance, how popular any one dish is on any given day and plan accordingly for the following week. We can now quickly understand how popular ‘specials’ have been. Staff can also now offer complimentary menu add-ons to dishes and confidently offer specials directly from the till, without the fear of that menu item being sold out.”

When it comes to marketing, CBMS is designed with the busy forward-thinking publican in mind.  SMS texting, e-shots and database compilation are all available as an option, so Ian is keen to shortly unleash its potential to increase sales at The Royal Oak, to promote theme nights and increase footfall:

Ian recognises that “All publicans are keen to expand their client base by offering a fun and varied programme of activities throughout the year, and we are no different. We have an amazing new-look pub that we are keen to show to as many visitors in Lancashire as possible. With the power of CBMS marketing, we will soon know which promotions work best and when. We have heard of pubs using the system achieving a 30% offer uptake per SMS shot and we too look forward to reaping these rewards.”

From a business perspective, since using the solution, Ian has gained total accountability and control has been achieved from examining the resultant CBMS reports on any aspect of the business, from transactions per employee to effective stocking levels. Tighter cash controls in and out of the tills, offering daily EPoS printed receipts per staff member means that now the till drawers now reconcile fully with takings.

Ian surmises, “So far, we have only scratched the surface with this combined EPoS and CBMS solution and yet we recognise the power. We can demonstrate tight business controls and audit trails at any point in time and can see with the integrated marketing, that we are able to reach out to our customers and expand to welcome new regulars.