At a glance

A full lineup of easy-to-use models to meet a variety of defferent needs.


Two way power
  Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.
10 Digit Display
  Main display
Cost sell margin
  Calculate the cost, selling price, or margin of profit on an item, given the other two values.
Extra Large Display
  Larger display makes more data easier to read.
Tax Calculations
  Automatic calculation of price plus tax, price less tax, discount, selling price, tax amount, discount amount, and margin amount.
Metal cover
  Tough cover stands up to rough treatment.
Plastic Keys
  Designed and engineered for easy operation.
Profit margin %
  " % " key gives quick access to prices and profits, and also delivers add-ons, discounts, ratios and increase/decrease values.
Function Command Signs
  A symbol (+, -, ×, ÷) on the display indicates the status of operation you are currently performing.
Key Rollover
  Key operations are stored in a buffer, so nothing is lost even during high-speed input.

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