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For use at home or at work: the environmentally friendly JF-120ECO desk calculator helps protect our environment. It comes equipped with a casing made from recycled plastic and is powered by eco-friendly solar energy combined with a mercury-free battery. The features include a large 12 digit display plus currency converter and Tax calculations.


General Information
  Auto Power Off
2 Year Maufacturers Warranty
Dimensions (mm) 107 (W) x 173 (L) x 26 (H)
Weight 160g
Power Supply Dual Powered / Solar and Battery
Design Non-Stick Plastic Keys
Upper and Lower Case Made From Recycled Plastic
Display Angled Large 12 Digit Display
Back Up Battery Back Up Battery x1 CR2032
Functions and Features
  Square Root
Sign Change Key
4 Constants (k)
3 Digit Comma Marker
4 Key Memory
Tax Calculations
Key Rollover
Correction Key
00 Key
Grand Total (GT) Key
Round up / Down Selector
Currency Conversions (4 Rates)
Decimal Selector (0,1,2,3,4,ADD)

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