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A large 12 digit Display desktop calculator with Review & Auto Review, Go To Function and Check & Correct. This is ideal for those long calculations. It also has, GT, is dual powered and a 00 & 000 keys. The digit comma markers in the standard format are every third digit. When the Indian format is selected the first three digits are separated and subsequently every second one.


General Information
  Auto Power Off
2 Year Maufacturers Warranty
Dimensions (mm) 140(W) x 191 mm(L) x 35(H)
Weight 205g
Power Supply Dual Powered / Solar and Battery
Design Non-Stick Plastic Keys
Display Extra Large Angled 12 Digit Display
Functions and Features
  Square Root
Mark Up Key
Sign Change Key
4 Constants (k)
Key Rollover
3 Key Memory
Correction Key
00 Key
Grand Total (GT) Key
Round up / Down Selector
000 Key
Go To Function
Review and Auto Review
150 Steps Check and Correct
Check and Correct Function
3 Digit Comma Marker (Standard, European And Indian)
Decimal Selector (0,1,2,3,4,ADD)

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