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This 12 digit Desk model has a large 12 Digit angled display, dual power, profit margin %, GT key, decimal selector, euro conversion. Tax Calculations and many more. This is ideal for your office or home


Functions and Features
  Square Root
Sign Change Key
Large + Key
4 Constants (k)
3 Digit Comma Marker
4 Key Memory
Tax Calculations
Key Rollover
Currency Conversions
Correction Key
Profit Margin %
Rounding Selector F, 5/4
00 Key
Grand Total (GT) Key
Decimal Selector (0,1,2,3,4,ADD2)
General Information
  Auto Power Off
2 Year Maufacturers Warranty
Dimensions (mm) 151(W) x 158(L) x 32(H)
Weight 195g
Power Supply Dual Powered / Solar and Battery
Design Non-Stick Plastic Keys
Display Extra Large Angled 12 Digit Display
Back Up Battery Back Up Battery x 1 LR44

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