Watch brand BABY-G celebrates its 21st Birthday with a rooftop party at The Ace Hotel

August 5, 2015

Watch brand BABY-G celebrates its 21st Birthday with a rooftop party at The Ace Hotel

Last night BABY-G invited guests to celebrate turning 21 at the rooftop of the Ace Hotel. To mark its 21st year, guests were treated to bespoke summer BABY-G cocktails, cupcakes and canapés throughout the evening. The 25 degree sunshine divided guests between the beautiful, balloon rimmed outside bar, whilst DJ Siobhan Bell and Beats 1 DJ Lily Mercer spun the music for guests to enjoy inside. AW15 product was on display and guests were treated to a sneak peak of the new BABY-G photo app set to be huge this summer when it launches in August.

To mark the brand’s 21st year, BABY-G collaborated with London based creative agency Anti-Agency, to produce a brand new Zine, which launched last night. Named after the bold, brand statement of ‘Pretty Tough’, the zine shines the spotlight on a handpicked selection of girls that embody BABY-G’s ethos of fierce creativity, individuality and originality.

Hailing from the vibrant worlds of fashion, music, art and sport, these girls are unique and original – trailblazers in their field, they are the ‘Pretty Tough Girls’! They make noise through their social channels and they inspire their loyal following with their imaginativeness and raw talent. The Zine features the likes of photographer and stylist Phoebe Lettice, London’s queens of hair and make-up Danielle and Nicole Kahlani, stylist to the stars Kylie Griffiths, pioneers of the braid trend Keash Braids, Beats 1 DJ Lily Mercer and Instagram Princess Joanna Kuchta thrown in for good measure, to name a few. This is BABY-G’s new all-female crew that BABY-G will be collaborating with over the year.

First came G-SHOCK, born of a powerful desire by creator Mr. Ibe to create the ‘unbreakable watch’. Then in 1994 BABY-G exploded onto the scene, the sister brand that inherited G-SHOCK’s tough identity. The watch’s essential shock-resistant structure was effortlessly combined with feminine designs and pastel pops of colour. One of the most iconic things to come out of the 90s, ‘Pretty Tough’ celebrates its memorable past and looks to the bright, exciting the future.

Of the collaboration, Anti Agency says: “BABY-G has literally been the dream brand for us to work with! They’re a huge part of our childhood nostalgia but it’s also having a massive resurgence with all our models today. These girls are bad ass and cool and it’s the same with BABY-G being Pretty Tough. We wanted to make a magazine that reflected the aesthetic of our teenage years but combine it with the current digi obsessed world. It’s a collection of the coolest, toughest girls, but sugar coated with emojis and nostalgia.”

Hannah Rowe, Campaign Manager, BABY-G comments 'It is a really exciting time for BABY-G, we have started to see a strong resurgence of the brand among leading edge girls and this campaign is all about championing what these girls are all about, whilst seamlessly mirroring the brands 'Pretty Tough' ethos. Being a brand that is rooted in 90's nostalgia but with fresh bold styles, BABY-G is calling on the UK’s most exciting new talent to re-imagine the iconic brand in today’s setting and we are privileged to be working with such inspiring girls'

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