Casio and Vianet launch the next generation of pub management tools that provides leading pub retailing solution with the Casio V-R7000 EPoS platform and iDraught bar management system.

November 11, 2015

Casio and Vianet launch the next generation of pub management tools that provides leading pub retailing solution with the Casio V-R7000 EPoS platform and iDraught bar management system.

LONDON, UK, 18 Feb 2015: Casio Electronics Co Ltd, have announced a partnership with Vianet PLC, combining the efficiencies of their new Casio V-R7000 EPOS hospitality solution with Vianet’s iDraught pub management tool set, that looks set to change the face of the British pub industry. Using the combined solution, publicans can increase profitability; spend more time with customers; eliminate their office PC; reduce wastage and demonstrate savvy pub management. The UK brewing companies are also leveraging and installing the pub EPOS management solution to instil best practices for tenants and to mine Cloud based relevant reports back at Head Office to understand, predict and equip the behaviour and buying patterns of consumers within their estate.

Facing challenging times in recent years with mounting pressure on retention and gaining new patrons, publicans and brewers have actively sought ways to increase customers and profitability without detracting from the vision and personality of the licensee. In reality, few tools have emerged that allow publicans a totally encompassing view of proceedings directly from the bar itself - the heart of the business. Recognising this, Casio and Vianet joined forces to develop a total pub solution to bring all stock management and transaction processing into one enabled 15.6” widescreen EPOS terminal, housed neatly behind the bar. The resultant Casio and iDraught solution allows accurate, fast entry and flags potential issues such as charging discrepancies, yield shortfalls or cellar conditions impacting on the quality of dispensed product; all accessed at the POS and delivered in near real-time. The unit is spill proof, features immediate power on and power down, has no fans or moving parts to break and is housed in an attractive modern case that belies its initial capital outlay.

Scott Grant, Divisional Manager, Casio Systems Division, notes: “The research and development that has accompanied the joint solution has been ongoing and significant. All key stakeholders in the pub management and supply chain have been heavily involved– publicans themselves; pub companies; third party integrators - to enable the solution to really embrace the challenges faced by both landlord and Head Office. The result is an easy to use system that simply helps publicans to do their job more effectively and efficiently every day.”

Examples of simplification of the pub management can be found throughout the solution with centralisation and reporting of daily activities, including sales, turnover, stock levels, ordering, alerts, reconciliation of transactions against stocking levels, all now available at the managers’ fingertips. Information is tailored to a publican’s requirements and held and accessible via the Cloud, allowing additional secure access anytime or anywhere using any internet enabled device.  The system is intuitive and can pre-warn publicans when anomalies occur - such as repeat voids or, for instance, a stock reconciliation discrepancy between transactions processed and stock levels available in the cellar.

Vianet are established providers of market leading performance management services to the leisure sector and are a natural partner for the V-R7000. Their operational management tools and services span over 20,000 pubs, bars, clubs, restraunts and hotels in the UK, Europe and the USA. Through the partnership, Vianet can further enable customers to increase profits and drive down waste by accessing fast, actionable data on all aspects of bar management, without costing time to manage.

“Vianet has been successfully working with retailers for many years driving the very best performance in customer experience and profitability.  Our partnership with Casio enables the delivery of the next generation of management toolsets for the trade.  Bringing all key information into one management platform, ensures retailers can focus on what really matters in real time.”   Steven Alton, Managing Director, Vianet.

Each Casio V-R7000 requires significantly less power to run than a traditional POS till. The numbers involved are significant with a saving of over £164 per register, per year. For a publican this is attractive in itself, but for multiple operators, the numbers are outstanding – if they run 250 pubs, each with 2 tills, the savings amount to £80,000 per year. 

The Casio V-R7000/iDraught Solution is easy for landlords to customise and change items. Publicans can load applications and add-on useful business modules including social media review sites. So, when running a promotion like the availability of a guest beer, they can add the item easily onto the menu and with a touch of a button they can immediately publicise its forthcoming appearance on Facebook and Twitter. 

Cloud based data capture and recording also allows multi-layer secure access and management so historical transacting detail can be recalled seamlessly at the touch of a button.  

Some of the biggest names in the PubCo market are already engaging with Casio to take advantage of this new solution. Star Pubs & Bars, the leased & tenanted division of Heineken UK, have recently confirmed Casio as supplier to their Innside Track for the next 3 years. 

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