IT-9000 ITSO certification

June 28, 2014

IT-9000 ITSO certification
ITSO certifies Casio IT-9000 handheld device for Smart Ticketing Systems

Combined certification with the Unicard POST (Point Of Sale Terminal) Kernel running on the Casio IT-9000 handheld device achieves ITSO compliant status and sets new standards for mobile ticketing and enhancement options across the entire UK passenger transport sector:-

4, November, 2014; Casio Electronics Co Ltd have announced today that as part of a joint initiative with Unicard, the IT-9000 handheld Mobile Computer with Integrated Printer has been awarded an ITSO Certificate of Compliance. The government backed ITSO standard for smart ticketing aims to ensure that public transport operators throughout the country can develop compatible smart ticketing systems. The Casio IT-9000 is a versatile and rugged mobile device that incorporates computing, communication and printing into one easy to use package. It is ideal for use as a handheld ticketing device within an ITSO compliant passenger transport smart ticketing system.

“The certification of IT-9000 is particularly exciting for both Casio and our Solutions Partners as potential transport customers can now benefit from the implementation of our equipment, safe in the knowledge that compliance is in place.” Commented Richard Adlington, Divisional Manager – Mobile Computing, Casio. “It also helps position Casio and Unicard as a strong force within the sector.” He concludes.

Unicard are able to provide an API (Application Programming Interface) to 3rd party integrators who can then build ITSO ticketing capability into their mobile applications.

The announcement is set to benefit all current ITSO Scheme owners, including local authorities already running, or thinking about implementing, ITSO schemes and transport operators who may require a handheld solution that can withstand the rigours of a mobile smart ticketing environment.

About ITSO:

The ITSO Specification is a UK Crown copyright, Government-backed IT standard which is being used across many of the country’s public transport smart ticketing schemes.

All UK public transport providers can use the same, freely available specification so that all public transport modes (i.e. rail, road, tram, ferry) can be configured to accept each other's smart cards or other media (such as smartphones) with payment for journeys. Secure back office IT systems to process these transactions are configured using the ITSO Security Management Service.

About Unicard:

Unicard offers a proven “off the shelf” ITSO terminal package, which allows terminal providers to speed up development processes and reduces certification costs. This is constituted by a software application to cover all ITSO related smart ticketing functions, interfacing with a range of contactless readers.

About Casio Electronics:

Since the launch of the Casio Computer Company in Japan in 1957, the company has been guided by the core principles of ‘Creativity and Contribution’. Casio is a vibrant, energetic and innovative brand that sustains its competitive edge by seeking new and improved approaches to meet customer demands. Well-known around the world for its consumer electronics products such as calculators, watches, digital cameras and electronic pianos, Casio also has a strong business to business heritage. The Casio IT-9000 is a market leading handheld terminal with a fully integrated printer, contactless smart card reader, camera, barcode scanner and a wide choice of communication modules.

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