FC-100V Financial calculator


The Casio FC 100V is a Financial calculator with many functions such as Amortisation of loan, margin calculation and compound interest calculations.

Recommended for financial examinations. By pressing built-in Direct Mode Keys, you can swiftly enter into exclusive modes when executing each financial calculation. The FC-100V incorporate a full-dot 4-line display allowing easy input, confirmation, change and correction of each parameter. It also offer the very convenient 3-digit, comma-markers display function.

Detailed specifications:

  • Input Format: V.P.A.M

Function calculations

  • Trigonometric / Invers Trigonometric calculations
  • Hyperbolic / Invers Hyperbolic calculations
  • log, ln - (logarithmic) calculations
  • 10x, ex - (exponential) calculations-

-x2/ ^ / x√ - (Power / Power Root) calculations- √ - (root) calculations- x-1 - (invers) calculations- x! - (factorial operator) calculations- nPr (Permutation), nCr (Combinatoric) -Random Number

General Details

  • 4-line-display:
  • Dot Matrix 31 * 96
  • mantissa+ exponent 10 + 2 digits
  • Plastic keys
  • Energy supply: AAA-size battery
  • New slide-on hardcase
  • Size (H x W x D): 1.9cm x 8.4cm x 16.3cm
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Approximate battery life 2 years of continuous display of flashing cursor
  • Auto power off
  • Two year Manufacturers Warranty



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