Policy on Idea Proposal

Under the corporate creed “creativity and contribution”, CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. and its affiliates (collectively “CASIO”) commit contribution to the society by offering epoch-making products. In order to achieve the said commitment, CASIO engages in research and development of unique products, technologies, and business models, etc. (collectively “CASIO’s Technology”).

While customers intend to submit to CASIO any ideas, concepts, suggestions, advice, requests, or other proposals concerning, products, technologies, designs, business models, sales promotions, advertisements and other business activities (collectively “Proposal”), such Proposal may incidentally, and in whole or in part, resemble CASIO’s Technology and, in such a case, may result in unexpected troubles or controversies between CASIO and customers. Thus, CASIO would like any customer to refrain from submitting any Proposal to CASIO in order to avoid such troubles or controversies. Despite the foregoing CASIO’s policy, if any customer submits any Proposal to CASIO, such customer is deemed to have acknowledged and agreed that:

  1. CASIO shall have no obligation to keep the Proposal confidential;

  2. CASIO shall have no obligation to keep or return any letters, artworks, samples, or other materials, in any form, submitted to CASIO along with the Proposal;

  3. CASIO shall have no obligation to review, evaluate, or adopt the Proposal; and

  4. CASIO shall have no obligation to compensate the customer for the Proposal, nor owe any liability or responsibility to the customer.