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The special model of 300 world-limited that gave a body gold IP from high-end model "MANASLU" (Manaslu) of real OUTDOOR gear "PRO TREK" (proto Lec) equipped with a triple sensor is an appearance. This model is a limited model of "PRO TREK MANASLU" which gave a bezel, camera back, a titanium material of the band gold IP.



World Time

31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time)

Display Illumination

LED backlight for the digital display (Full auto LED light, selectable illumination duration, afterglow)

Digital Compass

At the press of a button, the watch second hand will point to magnetic north

Multiband 6 Radio Controlled

A built-in radio signal receiver ensures that the exact time is displayed across Europe, the US, Japan, and China.


24 hours

Water Resistant

100 Metre/10 Bar

10 Bar Water Resistant means that the watch is also suitable for swimming or snorkelling


A built-in temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature around the watch and displays it on the LCD (range, -10°C /+60°C)


A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is shown on the display.

Alarm Function

Daily Alarm: sounds each day at the time you set

Solar Power

A Solar cell provides power for operation, meaning you never need to change a battery


Altitude Measurement to 10,000m: A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is converted to relative altitude up to a maximum 10,000m.

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