NEW 27/11/2017


At a glance

Introducing a new model from MR-G, the top of the G-SHOCK line, that packs Bluetooth® GPS radio-controlled solar-powered timekeeping into an elegant design featuring a hammered finish bezel. Traditional tsuiki metal hammering has been used in Japan for centuries in the production of armor, copperware, and other metal implements using a mallet and special chisel that leave marks that create a distinctive pattern on the metal. These marks resemble the scales seen on black dragon drawings and make each item a work of art. The painstakingly hammered patterns of the metal reflect the personality of the artisan who created them, and identify the handmade nature of each item. This traditional Japanese aesthetic sense is applied to a shock-resistant, full-metal body that houses a 3-Way Connected Engine for accurate timekeeping virtually anywhere in the world. The result is absolute toughness and absolute accuracy that is distinctively MR-G


Airplane Mode

Radio wave signals can be disabled when flying or in a medical facility.

Alarm Function

Daily Alarm: sounds each day at the time you set

Auto Calendar

Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.

Band Material


Bluetooth® Connectivity

Signal Range : Up to 2m (may differ depending on surrounding conditions)

Bluetooth 4.0 connection The watch can be wirelessly connected to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. The energy-saving technology enables access to a host of functions.

Core Guard Structure

Four stainless-steel pipes form a metal frame that joins the bezel securely with the case back. A resin case is mounted inside the frame to protect the module from direct shocks.

Countdown Timer

Measuring Unit: 1 second

Countdown range- 24 minutes.

Crown button lock

Secures the crown button from accidental change to another mode of operation.

Date Display

The current date is shown on the display.

Day indicator

The week day is indicated on the watch face.


(H x W x D)

54.7 x 49.8 x 16.9mm

Display Illumination

A luminous coating on the hands and index providing illumination in the dark.

GPS Hybrid wave ceptor

A built-in Global Positioning System, automatically adjusts your watch to the local timezone anywhere in the world.

Magnetic Resistant

The Case has been specially mounted, so to be shielded from magnetic fields.

Multiband 6 Radio Controlled

A built-in radio signal receiver ensures that the exact time is displayed across Europe, the US, Japan, and China.

Sapphire Glass

Artificially manufactured high-clarity glass with the highest level of hardness and scratch resistance.

Shock Resistant

Shock Resistant construction protects againt impact and vibration

Smart Access Technology

Smart Access makes it easy to operate multi-function watches. Simply pulling out and rotating the crown provides intuitive control over all functions

Solar Power

A high-capacity solar-charging system harnesses the power of any light source for reliable watch operation with minimal impact to the environment.



Measuring mode: Elapsed time

Measuring Capacity: 24 min


At the touch of a button, the display can be brightly illuminated

Total weight


Tough Movement

Layers of light weight fine resin are incorporated into the Hybrid Mount Construction for excellent durability even when exposed to centrifugal gravtational forces up to 15G.

Water Resistant- 200 Metres

Suitable for free diving without scuba gear.

World Time

Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.

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