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2018 will mark 35 years since G-SHOCK first revolutionized timekeeping with its innovative toughness back in 1983. The FROGMAN GOLD TORNADO limited edition timepiece is the perfect watch to commemorate this milestone. Bold basic black is accented by a gold color LCD, and brilliant glittering gold ion plated back cover, screws, and other metal parts. Bi-color molding is used to create a band that is black on the outside and G-SHOCK red on the inside, for a distinctive look that identifies this watch as a special model. The color scheme is designed to reflect the brilliant impact that G-SHOCK continues to have on personal timekeeping the world over. The gold ion-plated case back is impressed with a 35th Anniversary logo that was created in collaboration with graphic designer Eric Haze, while the band ring is decorated with a group of stars representing the number 35.


Tide Graph

Indicates the level of the tide based on your home city location. You can calibrate this feature to be specific to a chosen coast line and even input a date in the future to get readings in advance.

Moon Phase Display

The phase of the moon is shown on the display based on your chosen location.

Surfacing Alert

The watch issues an alert if the diver surfaces at a speed of more than 10 m/min., meaning the diver is not in compliance with the relevant decompression times.


1/100th sec stopwatch

Carbon Resin Wrist Strap

On their own, carbon and resin are stress-resistant and durable — together they create a wrist strap that is extra robust and extremely durable.

ISO Certified for Diving upto 200M (666ft)

This model is water tight after ISO 200 and withstands water pressure to a depth of 200 m.

Auto Illuminator

In low light, the watch face will automatically illuminate when the watch is tilted towards your face for reading.

Dive Log

Data such as dive time and dive depth can be viewed/ logged and called up at a later date.

Countdown Timer

1/1 Second- 1Hour- You can configure the countdown timer to start at a preset time and sound an alarm when the end of the countdown is reached.

World Time

Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.

Solar Power

A high-capacity solar-charging system harnesses the power of any light source for reliable watch operation with minimal impact to the environment.

Sapphire Glass

Artificially manufactured high-clarity glass with the highest level of hardness and scratch resistance.

Multiband 6 Radio Controlled

A built-in radio signal receiver ensures that the exact time is displayed across Europe, the US, Japan, and China.

Digital Compass

A built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north displaying both this and your current direction on the watch face.

Auto Calendar

Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.

Battery Level Indicator

An indicator shows the current battery charge level.


A built-in temperature sensor measures the ambient temperature around the watch and displays it on the LCD (range, -10°C /+60°C)

Shock Resistant

Shock Resistant construction protects againt impact and vibration

Alarm Function

Daily Alarm: sounds each day at the time you set

12/24 Hour Format

Times can be displayed in either a 12-Hour or 24 Hour Format.

Button Tones On/Off

The button tones on the mode button can be switched off for discreet operation. Preset alarm or timer functions remain active.

Depth Gauge

You can use the Depth Gauge mode to measure water depth and dive time, automatically storing measurements in the watches memory. You can also simultaneously take direction or temperature readings.


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