Colour Variations

At a glance

The Neon Accent colour series features three timepieces inspired by the club scenes of the 1990's - embodying the daring attitude and atmosphere of club fashions that ran the techno & house music crowds. A shiny coating on the band and case with mixes of pale blue and pink details on face, mimic the laser lights, glow sticks and colourful highlights in the darkness of the rave scenes.


Mineral Glass

Hard glass resists scratching

Water Resistant

200 Metre/20 Bar

World Time

Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.


1/1000th Sec Stopwatch

Magnetic Resistant

The Case has been specially mounted, so to be shielded from magnetic fields.

Countdown Timer

Countdown range: 24 hours

Band Material


Alarm Function

Daily Alarm: sounds each day at the time you set

Auto Illuminator

When you tilt the watch towards you, an LED automatically illuminates the watch face

Auto Calendar

Fully automatic calendar, with allowances made for leap years, pre-programmed to 2099


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