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The G’MIX watch supports Bluetooth smart connectivity and offers enhanced features for enjoying music, when paired with G’MIX App; a new music app for smartphones that can control audio settings and identify the names of songs from music playing nearby.


Alarm Function

Daily Alarm: sounds each day at the time you set

4 Multi-function Alarms: 1. Daily 2. Monthly 3. Time of Day 4. Date Alarm

Snooze function: Each time you stop the alarm, it sounds again after a few minutes

Hourly Time Signal: Causes the watch to beep every hour on the hour


1/100th Sec Stopwatch

Water Resistant

200 Metre/20 Bar

Auto Calendar

Fully automatic calendar, with allowances made for leap years, pre-programmed to 2099

Countdown Timer

Countdown range: 24 hours

Button Tones On/Off

tone on/off


+/- 15 seconds per month

Auto Illuminator

When you tilt the watch towards you, an LED automatically illuminates the watch face

Bluetooth® Connectivity

Clever function to enable wireless linking with Bluetooth Smart ready devices. Features include Phone Finder, Link loss alert and smartphone alarm pairing.

World Time

Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.

35 time zones (100 cities + coordinated universal time)

Mineral Glass

Hard glass resists scratching

Shock Resistant

Shock Resistant construction protects against impact and vibration

Band Material


Flash Alert

4 Multi-Function Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm

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