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Wave Ceptor technology is the most powerful tool you will ever wear on your wrist. It ensures absolute accuracy to the second. Wave Ceptor's key secret is Atomic Timekeeping which ensures perfect timing by automatically picking up a signal from radio transmitters in locations all over the world. These radio controlled watches are dual region which, unlike other radio controlled products, allow you to switch between the UK and mainland Europe transmitters. The Wave Ceptor range also automatically adjusts for daylight savings time.


Alarm Function

Daily Alarm: sounds each day at the time you set

Dual Region Radio Controlled

A built-in radio signal receiver ensures that the exact time is displayed across UK and most of mainland Europe.

Electro-Luminescent Backlight

Full Auto EL Light


Accurate measurement of elapsed time with a touch of a button

1/100th Sec Stopwatch

World Time

Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.

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