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PayPal Check-In Payments


You can now use the Casio VR-100 EPoS solution to accept payments through the PayPal app. Customers with an iOS or Android phone can use the PayPal app to check in to pay. The app uses a profile photo to confirm the payment, creating a seamless and more personal transaction between the shop assistant and customer. It is more convenient than traditional payment methods, secure and helps retailers to get to know their customer better; leading to greater service and customer loyalty.


The PayPal app is very easy to use. It first ‘discovers’ nearby shops and restaurants that accept PayPal; the customer then selects a retailer and checks in to that location. When a customer has checked in, their name and photo appears on the Casio VR-100 EPoS terminal as an ‘announcement’.


Once the customer agrees the amount to be paid, the cashier charges them by clicking on their photo. The customer gets an alert on their mobile device to let them know how much they’ve paid, as well as PayPal’s usual email receipt.

An early adopter of this technology is Taylor st Baristas in Richmond London, who has seen how the combination of the Casio EPoS solution and the PayPal app have helped with customer engagement. The Head Barista explains “Forgetting the names of regulars was the first issue put to right by the new app, alongside being able to analyse the average spend over the week”. Explaining further “It makes the customer service process more personal, as the customer’s photo often arrives on the till before they do, it gives the chance for the employees to give them a warm welcome”.

For more information about how to set up PayPal payments on the Casio VR-100 you can email

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